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Shutters, Shutters!

27 Jul

We’re in full swing over here working on different house projects in between the unpacking. Our newest accomplishment is the new shutters we put on the house. The house came with brand new shutters but the previous owners never got around to putting them on the house. The only problem with the ones left is they were hunter green but, no offense to those that love green, it’s just not my color. I have always been partial to black shutters and yellow houses; classic New England. So we broke out the black  Rust-Oleum spray paint and started spraying.

Here is the before shot:

And After:

I love the difference the shutters make, the house seems so much more friendly :). The great thing about this home improvement project is changing the color of pairs of preexisting shutters can modernize and spruce up any house and all it costs is a few cans of spray paint.  That and the labor involved taking down and putting up the shutters!

Personalized Letters

26 Jul

The English language is an amazing thing!  All the letters and the different combinations and how we communicate it just amazes me. I am someone who can really appreciate letters since I am a horrible speller, but I feel I make up for it by the amount of talking I do. Anyways, I have digressed.  I’ve been wanting to get our initials L & C in wooden letters to put on our mantel. I love the ones from Anthroplogie below, but $18.00 a letter just seems a little steep.

So I shopped around and found this great site for wooden letters.  You can customize the size and font. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Here are my unfished letters when they came in.

I picked up a smoke gray spray paint for both letters and gave them just a quick spray. Here are my final letters, I still need to sand them a little, to distress them but I was pretty excited how they turned out so I wanted to share.

Casual Dinner Party

25 Jul

On Saturday we invited all of our awesome friends who helped us move into our new house for a thank-you dinner. There were ten of us and I wanted to serve a summer menu while stepping it up from the normal hotdog/hamburger affair. Here was the menu:

Three bean salad with a lime olive oil glaze; Coleslaw; Cornbread; Grilled vegetables, marinated in a garlic balsamic; Grilled corn on the cob; Grilled Shrimp with a basil lemon marinade; Grilled BBQ-Chicken legs.

I wanted to try to get as much done ahead of time so that when the guests arrived I could actually socialize. What I found helpful was prepping the food prior to the event. I precut everything the night before and stored it in ziploc bags.  I marinated the meat overnight. It saved so much time and stress that evening.

You all know how I feel about setting the perfect table from my post The Perfect Table. I wanted to do some sort of centerpiece but nothing too fancy so I did a few small arrangments just to dress the table up a little.

1st Birthday Photo Booth

24 Jul

I found this adorable first birthday DIY photo booth on Oh Happy Day that I couldn’t resist sharing. It seems like photo booths are popping up at weddings all over, but why should we get all the fun?! It’s a great idea for little kids. The cuteness of this idea is almost too much to take!

You only need a few materials: 36 inch balloon, helium, yarn, basket, blue paper, scissors and tape. You can find excellent step by step instructions here.

I love the little details that are incorporated with this DIY, making it an oh so special DIY. 

Gallery Wall

23 Jul

I have always loved the look of the picture-gallery walls in people’s homes. I knew for sure I would be doing this in our new den. Pottery Barn has a great mini how-to-video that you may want to check out. Here are a few pictures that inspired me, which are found on Pottery Barn’s website.

I love the mixture of the different colored pictures as well as the different texture from the frames. Here is how mine turned out.

Here are a few photos of it coming together. First I cut newspaper to the dimensions of all the frames I had and started arranging them on the wall. This is a safe way in ensuring you achieve the look you want without putting a bunch of nails in the wall and then having to remove them if you find the layout doesn’t work.

After  that was complete I just started hanging the photos.

Bridal Shower Pretties

21 Jul

I am officially back! Boy have I missed Le Chic Elefant, it was harder not having internet for three weeks! Anyways, enough about that, I am back in action and I’ve put together a post for a cousin who is throwing her first bridal shower and wants it to be elegant yet stay within her budget at the same time.

Simple Centerpieces/Decorations: If you are trying to add some centerpieces or decorations for a bridal shower but you don’t want to go broke here are a few simple, yet stunning ideas.

I love these centerpieces!  They are simple and won’t cost you a ton for flowers but look elegant at the same time.

I adore this country chic arrangement!  You can collect the ball mason jars from thrift shops and then fill them with wildflowers.

Think outside the vase!  Not all centerpieces have to involve flowers.  Check out this lovely tea-cup centerpiece. This is a perfect DIY.  You can find antique teacups at any thrift store.

Plant ambiance: you can basically grow these yourself and give them away as favors. I love anything that is multifunctional.

Preparing the Perfect Table

6 Jul

Hi Everyone! So I know I have been missing in action. We just moved last week and have no internet for another week! Hang in there while we get settled, I can promise lots of DIY house posts when I return. In the meantime I found a really great tutorial about setting the perfect table. The video and article comes from Valley and Co. (Click to check out the link) I related so strongly with what they wrote about I had to share this with you. I know most people think it’s just a table and it serves the basic function of housing your guests for dinner. It’s important to take a moment and put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Think, “Are the flowers over powering, or too high and they can’t see around them; Are you squeezing too many to a table, etc.” How people feel at their table will indicate much of how they’ll feel for the rest of the event. So spend a little time to and dress up the table and make sure all your guest enjoy their view-point.

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