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A Christmas Gift Makeover

31 Dec

I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and are gearing up to ring in the New Year! I just wanted to quickly share a Christmas gift make over. This is not really a DIY or tutorial just an example of how taking old personal objects and giving them mini makeovers can make a huge impact.

Last year my parents moved over 800 miles away, and in the midst of the stress of moving my dad went and threw out an old Western Electric crank phone that was his grandfathers. After moving this year myself I can understand towards the end just wanting to get rid of everything! I felt like he would regret this rash decision so I exonerated the phone from its fate of the local dump and brought it home.

DSC_1072 DSC_1073It sure had seen better days, and was in some dire need of a little TLC. So that is exactly what it got, a little sanding, polishing, painting and staining. Finally it was all ready for Christmas day to be shown off and given back to my dad. Here is the refurbished after shot.

DSC_1136 DSC_1139Much better, don’t you think? I love sentimental gifts! I would love to hear about your favorite gift this year!

Ikea Tray Make Over

22 Dec

I found this six-dollar tray at Ikea and I couldn’t resist. It was completely plain and boring and I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I thought its six bucks!


I decided the tray need some color and pattern to update it. I used painters tape and taped newspaper to cover the bottom of the tray so I could spray paint. I love spray painting over regular paint because I feel like the finished products looks more crisp and clean.


I then used a quatrefoil stencil that I had left over from another project and started to stencil the bottom of the tray.

DSC_1077Now I am no expert painter so I knew some touch ups would be needed. You can see how some of the teal was sponged onto the sides, I feel it’s better to just touch up then stress out during the stencil process.


I used white paint to define the lines if needed.


I am incredibly impatient and took these photos before all my touch ups had dried, so I apologize but I just couldn’t wait to share! I assure you the color dried completely even as some parts of the gray look lighter since it was wet paint. I can’t wait to use this tray at a party!

For The Person With Everything

7 Dec

Well 18 days till Christmas, I can’t even believe it! Feels like we just had Halloween…oh wait because of Hurricane Sandy we just did have Halloween less than a month ago! I am actually on the ball this year and have most of my Christmas shopping done! I have that one last person to buy for, I am sure you have met them “the person with everything”.  I have done some serious gift research and complied a few gifts that I feel are unique enough that anyone could love!

For the pet lover: A personalized silhouette of your beloved animal, it’s really adorable!

For the globe-trotter: An all in one wallet, holds all your cards, passport and plane tickets. Take it from someone who did a lot of travelling, this is a must have.

For the outdoors pal: This plaid scarf is so warm and cozy, long enough to wrap around a few times on the really cold days.

For the foodie: Exotic salts from around the world a cool gift for someone looking to add a little pizzaz to their cooking.

For the do gooder: I love any product that gives back! What’s not to love about these plaid Toms?  Part of the proceeds go to saving the sharks.



For the hostess: A personalized cutting board, really steps up any regular cheese board.

For the fashionista: Polka dots are so in right now, and the cute collar adds a little charm to the whole outfit.

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