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Ballard Burlap Pin Board DIY

22 Jan

For months I have been eyeing this burlap bulletin board from Ballard Designs. I find that site so addicting! Everything on there is just my style, the prices however sometimes not so much. The burlap bulletin board starts at $89 and only goes up from there. After deciding I really wanted one a familiar thought crossed my mind…”I could totally make that!” Sometimes with these DIY you have to weigh the cost of the item and if it’s worth your time and trouble to make it yourself. This particular DIY is so easy and totally worth saving the $89 you were going to spend!  For reference here is the Ballard burlap board.


So pretty, aren’t they?!

Ok what you will need:

  • Cork Board
  • Large piece of burlap
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Furniture Nails

DSC_1143I then cut the burlap to be just a little larger than my board.

DSC_1144Then it’s as simple as folding the ends over and gluing. The burlap adheres to the wood really well, I thought I would have to hold it in place so it would stick better, but as it turned out that wasn’t necessary.


Then just flip the board over and insert the furniture nails. I used black nails and spaced them three inches apart from one another.

DSC_1150 DSC_1178

It’s that easy, totally worth it! This board is so versatile it could be used as an inspiration board, wedding decor, party decor, a place to hang kids art work, really the options are endless.


Take Two – Dining Chairs

21 Jan

When my husband and I first moved in together we recovered our dining room chairs. The dining set is an antique that was passed down from his grandparents who purchased it circa World War II. We bought the cheapest fabric on sale at Joanne fabrics.  So young, so naive we were back then. 🙂 Now that we have moved into our new house I was determined to recover these dining chairs with some fabric that is more fitting to our personal taste. This fall our dining room received a little makeover, if you missed it you can check it out here. I wanted a fabric to compliment what we had done in the rest of the room. I went to and purchased a soft, grey, damask pattern. I felt the traditional damask print would seem fitting for the antique set as well as complimenting the blue in the room. We will also be building valances with this fabric so I wanted something classic that you would not get sick of looking at.

It’s actually really easy to cover dining chairs.  Here is how it’s done.

Items you will need: fabric, staple gun, staples, scissors and flat head screw driver.


I started by folding over the fabric on the widest part of the chair and stapling it in place. The trick is keeping the fabric tight so there are no wrinkles, bubbles by pulling it tight while also keeping the pattern straight on the side you will sit on. DSC_1161

Then it’s just re-attaching the seat to the chair.  The fasteners that held the seats to the chairs were old, regular screws.
DSC_1166 DSC_1167Here they are all covered.

DSC_1185 DSC_1168It’s amazing what a difference the new seats make! That dark blue we had made everything seem even darker.  This light pattern really brightens everything up.



Wedding Wednesday

16 Jan

So you have just gotten engaged and you don’t know where to start? Trust me everyone feels this way at some point or another. Most brides first event they ever plan is their wedding and lets face it even when you are an expert we could all use a little more advice. I was lucky enough to have great vendors especially my photographers Robert and Kathleen. They have a blog of their own that features great wedding advice for news brides. They truly love what they do and it shows in every picture they take. I had the privilege of them asking me wedding advice to pass on to new brides. You can find my advice plus a few other brides here on their blog, plus some pretty wedding pictures. I hope you find it useful!

A Personal Baby Gift

15 Jan

When a friend of mine told me she was pregnant with her first baby I was so excited! Excitement turned into shock when she informed me that they were not finding out the sex of the baby. She is one of my fellow event planning friends and by nature we hate surprises and must know everything in advance!! I admire her for waiting, it’s the ultimate surprise! I wanted to find her some unique onesies there are some really clever ones out there, but of course it’s a little harder to find some gender neutral ones. After a quick onesie search the thought that has been popping up in my head more and more lately returned “I could totally makes those!” So I gathered my supplies and decided to give it a shot. What do you have to lose? They don’t have to be perfect since the baby will mostly be wearing it for about an hour before needing a change.

What you will need:

  • Plain Onesies I used six month Gerber white onesies
  • Non Toxic fabric paint (which I think is all fabric paint, because really why would fabric paint be toxic??)
  • Stencils
  • Sponge
  • Piece of cardboard

baby all

Or add a little gender neutral colors instead of just black. What do you think, would you consider giving a personalized onesie?




A Recycled Winter Mantel

12 Jan

There are so many great blogs out there with awesome DIY tutorials and tons of inspiration it can get a little overwhelming at times. I always surf my favorite blogs and finish being like “SO MANY GREAT IDEAS WHERE TO START!!!” I think sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and focus on something smaller. For instance (you knew my rant had to be going somewhere, right? :)) after taking down all the holiday decorations my mantel always looks so sad and pathetic. For some reason I have this aversion to just putting the previous mantel decor back up, I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I want something new and fresh for the New Year! Of course I can’t continue to keep buying things just because I get bored, so this year I decided to do a little hunting around the house to come up with something new/old for the mantel. If you don’t remember what my mantel looked like before all the fun holiday (and really why would you?) you can click here to check it out.

Here is the new look for the New Year:

mantelSorry for the poor quality photos my camera needs to be charged and I really wanted to share this! Everything except the large zinc K, I had in a different place in the house. This is a total mix match from old pieces that had a  home somewhere else. I think it came together nicely. Here is the breakdown of what’s what.

Lantern: Pottery Barn this was a wedding gift and I never really could find a good place for it.

Large Zinc K: Restoration Hardware (on clearance otherwise I would never be ok with buying it!)

Clock: Pottery Barn another wedding gift and it’s the only clock we have in the room so it’s nice to know what time it is!

Bookends: Old hand me downs from my parents I painted them white (they use to be gold). It’s amazing what a transformation old things can take with a little TLC.

Books: I am sure we all have a bunch of hardcover books that we never read laying around.

Twine bottles: These were a DIY project that you can find here.

Pitcher: This is a left over decoration from our wedding, inspiration can come from anywhere!

mantel 3

mantel 6

mantel 2

Need a little more mantel pick me up:

DIY Wooden Signs

10 Jan

There are so many tutorials on pinterest now about how to make vintage looking wooden signs. So I decided I would be adventurous and combine a few ideas and try my own.

What you will need:

  • Poplar boards cut to whatever size you want your signs
  • Grey and White Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Printed words in whatever size and font you want.
  • Sandpaper, scissors, twine, glue gun.

I started out by spray painting the boards grey, you don’t have to use spray paint I just had some on hand. Then I white washed the boards. Pick and print the words and style you want I used words related to the bathroom but I have seen some really cute kitchen signs as well.

Poplar is pretty soft so I wrapped the printed paper word around the board and took a pen applied pressure to trace the word onto the board.

bathroom trace

There will be a faint indent of the word on the board when you remove the piece of paper. Then take your sharpie and trace the indented word and fill in with black marker.

bathroom fill in

After all the signs have been filled in I sanded each one giving them a unique weathered appearance. Then measure three equal length pieces of twine and glue them to the back

bathroom ropebathroom glueThat’s It! Then you hang and admire your hard (crafty) work :).


bathroom upclose

Burlap Art

3 Jan

Who would have thought something that usually holds potatoes could be totally chic?! I have wholly been sucked into the burlap obsession trend.  I love how it adds texture and depth to whatever you use it for.  I have a large roll of burlap which I used to decorate our food table at our house-warming party. Recently I had been thinking about making some burlap art. I had some leftover fabric paint and alphabet stencils so I went to work!

I had two white frames lying around and felt they would be perfect for a burlap art project.

DSC_1112I started with washed and ironed burlap.  I figured the material was rustic enough but I should probably clean it up. I washed the burlap on gentle in cold water. Then I measured and cut an 8 x 10 section of the fabric.

DSC_1113I decided to stencil one of my favorite songs, “You are my sunshine”.

DSC_1125For the second frame I wanted to use the border.  So I used the border as a measuring tool and then stenciled our initials inside the frame.


Here they are completed. I like how they turned out, very shabby chic! This project has only intensified my love of burlap!



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