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A Custom Cabinet

17 May

A friend of mine recently asked me if I could restore an old mirror and cabinet she had but wasn’t loving it anymore. I of course jumped at the idea! It was fun working with her to pick out the paint color and overall style for her furniture. She picked Annie Sloan Old White for both pieces which I think is a great first choice.

erins cabinet 4

I loved the shape of the cabinet I knew a little paint would spruce it right up! I painted over the hardware and then took a rag and instantly wiped the paint away leaving a weathered look.

erins cabinet 5

I loved the glass knob she already had, and left that as is.

erins cabinet

I painted the inside of the cabinet paris grey one of my favorite colors.

erins cabinet 2

Here is the before and after!
erins cabinet 3

New and fresh! I didn’t forget about the mirror, here is a before and after.

erin mirror


Antique Dresser Makeover

25 Apr

I love chalk paint and I am officially obsessed! There I said it, I have confessed my feelings publicly. I love how it can transform a piece of furniture that has seen better days into something trendy, and adorable again. I found this dresser on Craigslist, I loved its shape and the size. It was relatively in great condition but it had some scratches and needed some TLC. I mean part of the reason I love antiques is that they aren’t perfect, I feel like they all have a little story to tell.

white dresser before white dresser beofre 2

I did a little sanding to smooth out some nicks and then two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. I then covered the dresser with clear wax only. I decided to leave the hardware untouched because I love the little details of the pulls.

white dresser

I always distress my pieces even if it’s just a little, I think it adds depth and character. White dresser 2 white dresser 3 white dresser 4

Who doesn’t love a good before and after?! Here is a side by side shot.

for the blog12

Goldie Locks and the Three Night Dressers

22 Apr

I am sure you are all familiar with the tale of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Well in this tale Goldie Locks is my husband minus the blonde ringlets of course :). Since we moved he has been using a TV stand as a bedside table, shameful I know!! I have been on the hunt near and far from estate sales to thrift stores for a new nightstand. I find one paint it with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but he is so picky! Just like Goldie Locks one is two small, to big, to tall, you get the idea. Finally today we had a break through, I found one just right! Lets go through the rejects first!!

This one was two small: Painted in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue with a white wash.

duk egg 3 duck egg 4

This one had no storage: Painted Annie Sloan Paris Grey.

grey pedestal 2 grey pedestal 3

This one was just right: Painted Annie Sloan French Linen, with Old White for the inside cubby. I guess third times the charm!

colin table colin table 2 colin table 3

Icelandic Adventure

26 Mar

I can’t believe a month has gone by and I have not posted pictures from our Iceland vacation. We went in February and met my sister and brother-in-law there. It’s an amazing place the landscape is like being on another planet. It’s such a short flight from Boston, a quick 5 hours. I read somewhere that half the country believes in elves and after visiting I can see why. The landscape is magical and makes you feel like you’re in a mythical land. The pictures do not do it justice but here are a few of my favorites.

DSC_1182 DSC_1233 DSC_1347 DSC_1324 DSC_1508 DSC_1381


Seems crazy looking back going to Iceland in the middle of winter!

Ballard Burlap Pin Board DIY

22 Jan

For months I have been eyeing this burlap bulletin board from Ballard Designs. I find that site so addicting! Everything on there is just my style, the prices however sometimes not so much. The burlap bulletin board starts at $89 and only goes up from there. After deciding I really wanted one a familiar thought crossed my mind…”I could totally make that!” Sometimes with these DIY you have to weigh the cost of the item and if it’s worth your time and trouble to make it yourself. This particular DIY is so easy and totally worth saving the $89 you were going to spend!  For reference here is the Ballard burlap board.


So pretty, aren’t they?!

Ok what you will need:

  • Cork Board
  • Large piece of burlap
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Furniture Nails

DSC_1143I then cut the burlap to be just a little larger than my board.

DSC_1144Then it’s as simple as folding the ends over and gluing. The burlap adheres to the wood really well, I thought I would have to hold it in place so it would stick better, but as it turned out that wasn’t necessary.


Then just flip the board over and insert the furniture nails. I used black nails and spaced them three inches apart from one another.

DSC_1150 DSC_1178

It’s that easy, totally worth it! This board is so versatile it could be used as an inspiration board, wedding decor, party decor, a place to hang kids art work, really the options are endless.


A Personal Baby Gift

15 Jan

When a friend of mine told me she was pregnant with her first baby I was so excited! Excitement turned into shock when she informed me that they were not finding out the sex of the baby. She is one of my fellow event planning friends and by nature we hate surprises and must know everything in advance!! I admire her for waiting, it’s the ultimate surprise! I wanted to find her some unique onesies there are some really clever ones out there, but of course it’s a little harder to find some gender neutral ones. After a quick onesie search the thought that has been popping up in my head more and more lately returned “I could totally makes those!” So I gathered my supplies and decided to give it a shot. What do you have to lose? They don’t have to be perfect since the baby will mostly be wearing it for about an hour before needing a change.

What you will need:

  • Plain Onesies I used six month Gerber white onesies
  • Non Toxic fabric paint (which I think is all fabric paint, because really why would fabric paint be toxic??)
  • Stencils
  • Sponge
  • Piece of cardboard

baby all

Or add a little gender neutral colors instead of just black. What do you think, would you consider giving a personalized onesie?




For The Person With Everything

7 Dec

Well 18 days till Christmas, I can’t even believe it! Feels like we just had Halloween…oh wait because of Hurricane Sandy we just did have Halloween less than a month ago! I am actually on the ball this year and have most of my Christmas shopping done! I have that one last person to buy for, I am sure you have met them “the person with everything”.  I have done some serious gift research and complied a few gifts that I feel are unique enough that anyone could love!

For the pet lover: A personalized silhouette of your beloved animal, it’s really adorable!

For the globe-trotter: An all in one wallet, holds all your cards, passport and plane tickets. Take it from someone who did a lot of travelling, this is a must have.

For the outdoors pal: This plaid scarf is so warm and cozy, long enough to wrap around a few times on the really cold days.

For the foodie: Exotic salts from around the world a cool gift for someone looking to add a little pizzaz to their cooking.

For the do gooder: I love any product that gives back! What’s not to love about these plaid Toms?  Part of the proceeds go to saving the sharks.



For the hostess: A personalized cutting board, really steps up any regular cheese board.

For the fashionista: Polka dots are so in right now, and the cute collar adds a little charm to the whole outfit.

The Fall Boot

9 Oct

I have made a commitment for this fall, no more Uggs! Don’t get me wrong I love my Ugg’s but every year I end up wearing them day in and day out, it’s like a really bad fashion addiction. I must branch out, so I am on the hunt for my new fall boot. Here are a few that made my wish list.

Motivation Monday

1 Oct

I am having one of those Monday’s where the weekend just really didn’t seem long enough. I am not ready for a full work week ahead. Ever have one of those days yourself? The weather was gloomy all weekend, I think it sucked out all my energy as well. When I have days like these I turn to trusty inspirational quotes. I don’t know what it is about motivational words but they perk me up and get me moving again. I have collected a few of my favorites, I hope they are up to the job. Enjoy your Monday everyone!

Vintage Bottles

27 Sep

I have a new product that I am in love with, it’s Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. The options are endless! You spray the opposite side of glass and it creates a mirror. Or you can turn any glass into vintage looking mercury glass. I still had a few vintage bottles so I decided to experiment with the antique mercury glass. I turned to trusty google and found a few different ways to create the look. I thought I would be daring and try a combination of what I read. Most tutorials said to use clear bottles, but I used a mixture of clear and colored.

After washing the bottles I lightly sprayed water over a bottle followed by a coat of the spray paint. I waited for about five minutes then used a paper towel and dabbed at the bottle. I repeated this process until the desired darkness and look was achieved. I had to do an extra coat on the green bottle. 

After they completely dried these bottles found a new home in my downstairs bathroom. I like the way they turned out, each bottle turned out better than the last, I guess practice does make perfect.

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