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Wedding Wednesday

16 Jan

So you have just gotten engaged and you don’t know where to start? Trust me everyone feels this way at some point or another. Most brides first event they ever plan is their wedding and lets face it even when you are an expert we could all use a little more advice. I was lucky enough to have great vendors especially my photographers Robert and Kathleen. They have a blog of their own that features great wedding advice for news brides. They truly love what they do and it shows in every picture they take. I had the privilege of them asking me wedding advice to pass on to new brides. You can find my advice plus a few other brides here on their blog, plus some pretty wedding pictures. I hope you find it useful!


If I could do it all over again

2 Oct

When I got married it was before the days of Pinterest, shocking a life without Pinterest who could imagine. I have to admit I get a little wedding envy everytime I take a look at the wedding pins. Don’t get me wrong I loved my wedding, the day could not have been more perfect. Here are a few pictures from my day. I think every bride post wedding wants to do it all over again with new ideas. So if I could do it again this is what I would do!

Photo Booth: You can never have to many photos, and your guests will love taking goofy pictures.

Love the sign, it has great meaning behind it!

I love the one shoulder dress!

Pretty writing


Preparing the Perfect Table

6 Jul

Hi Everyone! So I know I have been missing in action. We just moved last week and have no internet for another week! Hang in there while we get settled, I can promise lots of DIY house posts when I return. In the meantime I found a really great tutorial about setting the perfect table. The video and article comes from Valley and Co. (Click to check out the link) I related so strongly with what they wrote about I had to share this with you. I know most people think it’s just a table and it serves the basic function of housing your guests for dinner. It’s important to take a moment and put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Think, “Are the flowers over powering, or too high and they can’t see around them; Are you squeezing too many to a table, etc.” How people feel at their table will indicate much of how they’ll feel for the rest of the event. So spend a little time to and dress up the table and make sure all your guest enjoy their view-point.

You’re Making Me Blush

19 Jun

I am trying to incorporate much more color into my life. I tend to gravitate towards black, grey, and blue. I seriously need to branch out. If you’re in a color slump, like me, check out the inspiration boards I have put together on a few colors that I really loving right now.

Blush: What is prettier than the color blush?  It’s just so girly and lovely. So, embrace your femininity and incorporate some blush into your life.

Inspiration: 1. Bare Face Mineral/ 2. Laughing with Angels/ 3. Riazzoli/ 4. Fossil 

Turquoise: I know, I know it’s basically blue, but I couldn’t resist the bright happy color of turquoise. It amps up a space, party, or outfit.

Inspiration: House of Turquoise

Coral: Coral is like the essence of summer. How can you not look at the brilliant shade and think of sandy beaches and summer tans?

Inspiration: 1. Breakfast at Yurmans/2. Radar to the Scene 3. Etsy 4. High Heels and Moccasins/ 5. J.Crew

You’re Invited to Attend

13 Jun

Who doesn’t love being invited to a party?  The invitation is so important and there is a reason why.  It’s the first glimpse your giving to your guests about your party. It’s the sneak peek of the main event. You are setting the tone.  Will it be a formal affair?  Is it going to be casual? Will the theme be cowboys and indians, or purple and chartreuse?  So choose carefully on the message you really want to send. Who knew picking out the invitations was so complicated right?  I have posted a few invitations I love right now, with the links on where they are from so you can peruse for yourself.

I love this invitation from Wedding Paper Diva becuase it has a vintage quality about it.

This invitation from Delphine Press is the epitome of a classic elegant invitation.

If laid back and casual is more your cup of tea this love note style invite from Elum evokes relaxed party.

Elum also does any other party invitation as well as birth announcements. Here is a cute old-fashioned feeling Christmas-party invite.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of modern style but I have a few friends that love the bold colors and clean lines. Here is a simple modern invitation from Betsy White.

Here is one of my personal favorites from Minted.  It’s so whimsical. Another plus is that these invitations are extremely affordable!


It’s Starting to Get Personal

28 May

A year ago from today was one of the best days of my life, not only did I marry my best friend but I got to throw one ginormous party! I can’t believe a year has gone by already. In this year I have not stopped learning. If marriage has taught me anything it is that we are forever changing, growing and working to become a better person and encouraging my husband to do the same.

A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and the way they express their love. – Pearl S. Buck

Most of you have already seen all my wedding pictures but here are a few of my favorite moments from that night, courtesy of Robert and Kathleen Photographers.

Mismatching Bridesmaid Dresses

22 May

I knew right from the beginning that I didn’t want my bridesmaids in the same kind of dress. I wanted to let them choose their own dresses to best suit their style. I then started to toss around the idea of having them wear different colors. I didn’t like the idea of a monochromatic color scheme. I felt like they would be in some sort of uniform, my own little bridal army, so to speak, and not in a good way.  I decided they would all wear a shade of the color blue.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering a multi-shade look.

1. Keep one element consistent.  You don’t want your girls to look too mismatched and miss acquiring the cohesive look you are still aspiring to. Try keeping the length the same, as well as keeping the tops the same or at least the same type of fabric.

2. Don’t trust the colors you see online. Make sure you request color swatches to make sure the shades you want are exactly what you are going to get. It is surprising how different the colors look online compared to what they look like in the light of day.

3. Make sure you have a range of shades, from light to dark and everything in-between!

Here is how my bridesmaids turned out. I made sure they all wore strapless and the same length dress keeping the look cohesive while giving the whole look some depth.

Robert and Kathleen Photographers

Here are a few other wedding parties that I feel also got it right.

Cost Cutting Wedding Tips

16 May

My littlest cousin is completely in love and getting married in December. Makes me feel really old that she is getting married already, but I am going to try and not think about that too much! 🙂 She just graduated college and is looking to throw a cost conscious wedding. I thought being in the business I would help her out and gather my top five tips to keep the class high while getting the cost down. Hopefully a few of you other newly engaged brides out there find this useful as well.

No. 1- Off Peak- Consider getting married during non peak dates. Depending on where you live, most peak wedding months are May – October. If you get married between November – April not only will you get a good deal on the venue but your other vendors might be more willing to negotiate their rates. Not loving the idea of a winter wedding, check out some of these gorgeous pics from Green Wedding Shoes, it might make you want a winter wonder land of your own.

No.2 Bigger isn’t always better- Limiting the number of guests at your wedding is by far the greatest way to keep costs down. Small intimate weddings are very personal, and having just your closest friends and family makes that day even more personal. Estimate between 15 – 20% of your guest probably won’t be able to attend.

No. 3- Prioritize – Pick the most important elements for the big day. For me it was photos and for my husband it was the food. So we made sure we didn’t cut corners when it came to those two items.

No. 4 – Location – Host your wedding and ceremony at the same location that way you don’t have to pay for two venues. Usually wedding venues will charge a small ceremony fee less than if you rented another location.

No.5- Borrow- Yes it’s nice to have your own cake topper and veil, but really you are never going to use them again. When close friends and family can lend you personal items from their day to make yours more special, it not only adds a personal touch but saves you money.

Colorful Inspiration

8 May

Color can be so inspirational, it can set the tone for a room or the theme of a party. Sometimes it’s tricky, I always try to be adventurous and pair different colors together but sometimes it can be hideous. Here are some pretty pairs that always look great together.

Peach and Lavender:

Blush and Mint:

Navy and Hot Pink:

Grey and Yellow:

Tangerine and Mint:

Winter Wonderland

11 Feb

I am visiting family in Indiana and I had the pleasure of waking up to a white, snowy wonderland. I love it when it snows over-night and you wake up to the world around you transformed. Even though it’s a Saturday it still feels like I am a kid again and it’s a snow day.

So on my day off I have compiled some of my favorite snow shots. I love winter engagement sessions, even though most couples gravitate toward other seasons, I think a snowy landscape is the perfect backdrop to highlight you as a couple. When planning an engagement session try to do a season opposite the one you are getting married in, that way you have a variety of photos to choose from.

Here are some absolutely stunning winter engagement sessions:

Photo via summer street photography

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