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A Day For Mom’s

9 May

This year mother’s day is going to be a little bit different. My parents moved 839 miles away this past December, give or take a few miles (but who’s counting). If my mom could get away with eating breakfast for every meal of the day she would, so in years past we have done a big brunch. Unfortunately we won’t be able to do that so Mom this post is for you.  Here is your virtual Mothers Day!

I thought this was a really cute gift idea for a Mother or Grandmother.


Bridal Brunch

28 Mar

I can’t wait for one of my friends to get engaged so I can throw them a bridal shower! Alas it does not seem any engagements are on the  horizon, but I can start to put together some good ideas so I will be ready when they do. I love the idea of a bridal brunch, it’s encompasses the best foods from breakfast and lunch, plus everyone can enjoy my favorite drink, Mimosas! Here are a few strawberry themed bridal brunch ideas via Luxfinds. A fresh idea is themeing the brunch around whatever fruit is in season, then everything will tastes it’s best.

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