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Casual Dinner Party

25 Jul

On Saturday we invited all of our awesome friends who helped us move into our new house for a thank-you dinner. There were ten of us and I wanted to serve a summer menu while stepping it up from the normal hotdog/hamburger affair. Here was the menu:

Three bean salad with a lime olive oil glaze; Coleslaw; Cornbread; Grilled vegetables, marinated in a garlic balsamic; Grilled corn on the cob; Grilled Shrimp with a basil lemon marinade; Grilled BBQ-Chicken legs.

I wanted to try to get as much done ahead of time so that when the guests arrived I could actually socialize. What I found helpful was prepping the food prior to the event. I precut everything the night before and stored it in ziploc bags.  I marinated the meat overnight. It saved so much time and stress that evening.

You all know how I feel about setting the perfect table from my post The Perfect Table. I wanted to do some sort of centerpiece but nothing too fancy so I did a few small arrangments just to dress the table up a little.

Preparing the Perfect Table

6 Jul

Hi Everyone! So I know I have been missing in action. We just moved last week and have no internet for another week! Hang in there while we get settled, I can promise lots of DIY house posts when I return. In the meantime I found a really great tutorial about setting the perfect table. The video and article comes from Valley and Co. (Click to check out the link) I related so strongly with what they wrote about I had to share this with you. I know most people think it’s just a table and it serves the basic function of housing your guests for dinner. It’s important to take a moment and put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Think, “Are the flowers over powering, or too high and they can’t see around them; Are you squeezing too many to a table, etc.” How people feel at their table will indicate much of how they’ll feel for the rest of the event. So spend a little time to and dress up the table and make sure all your guest enjoy their view-point.

Bird-cage’s: Not Just For The Birds

12 Mar

Ok I am coming clean! I may have a small obsession with bird-cage’s or feathers, or anything bird like. They mix two of my favorite things vintage and nature. With spring and easter right around the corner there are a million ideas out there incorporating bird-cage’s, and I love all of them! A few places to find some of these versatile bird homes are TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and there is a wide selection on Save on Crafts. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

Inspirational Photos: We heart it, Umla, the knot

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