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1st Birthday Photo Booth

24 Jul

I found this adorable first birthday DIY photo booth on Oh Happy Day that I couldn’t resist sharing. It seems like photo booths are popping up at weddings all over, but why should we get all the fun?! It’s a great idea for little kids. The cuteness of this idea is almost too much to take!

You only need a few materials: 36 inch balloon, helium, yarn, basket, blue paper, scissors and tape. You can find excellent step by step instructions here.

I love the little details that are incorporated with this DIY, making it an oh so special DIY. 


1st Birthday Cupcake Bash

8 Jun

Lately I have been loving kids birthday party ideas. I don’t have any kids of my own yet so when my friend who is throwing her little girls first birthday party came to me for some ideas I couldn’t be more excited to help. The theme is cupcakes, what is cuter then that for a little girl?

An easy way to decorate for a kid’s birthday party are with banners and table decor. I love the cupcake themed paper decorations from Get The Party Started. The Etsy shop will also work with you to customize your order, so if the colors aren’t exactly right you can change them!

Another cute way to dress up the party is to have the party guests dress up. Now I know that party hats seem out dated but I can’t imagine anything cuter then a bunch of little girls dressed in the adorable party hats from Booptey Lu’s.

Of course anyone that knows me is aware of my lantern and pompom infatuation. I couldn’t resist when I spotted this cupcake themed party from Ander Ruff. They did a cute make your own cupcake party theme complete with personalized bottles of milk for the end.

Last but not least my favorite party decoration. Balloons, of course! They are an inexpensive way to make a big statement, and is a must have at a first birthday party. Check out this adorable picture from Kara’s Party Ideas.

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