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You’re Making Me Blush

19 Jun

I am trying to incorporate much more color into my life. I tend to gravitate towards black, grey, and blue. I seriously need to branch out. If you’re in a color slump, like me, check out the inspiration boards I have put together on a few colors that I really loving right now.

Blush: What is prettier than the color blush?  It’s just so girly and lovely. So, embrace your femininity and incorporate some blush into your life.

Inspiration: 1. Bare Face Mineral/ 2. Laughing with Angels/ 3. Riazzoli/ 4. Fossil 

Turquoise: I know, I know it’s basically blue, but I couldn’t resist the bright happy color of turquoise. It amps up a space, party, or outfit.

Inspiration: House of Turquoise

Coral: Coral is like the essence of summer. How can you not look at the brilliant shade and think of sandy beaches and summer tans?

Inspiration: 1. Breakfast at Yurmans/2. Radar to the Scene 3. Etsy 4. High Heels and Moccasins/ 5. J.Crew

Inspiration found here

7 Jun

To become inspired!  Sounds easy, right? Lately I have been trying to figure out what inspires me and what draws out my creativity. It’s not as easy as it sounds! There is no formula that I can figure out, and maybe that is the point.  We aren’t supposed to be able to debunk creativity! It certainly helps by surrounding yourself with colorful things and colorful people. You know how sometimes you come across a photo and it moves and inspires you? Here are a few natural and man-made that are my current muses. I hope you are all having an inspirational day!

And of course my favorite animal ever!

One thing that is not helping my creativity is my boring office.  My friend over at The Spring Tulip has some great ideas in creating a colorful work environment.  You should check her out!

Colorful Inspiration

8 May

Color can be so inspirational, it can set the tone for a room or the theme of a party. Sometimes it’s tricky, I always try to be adventurous and pair different colors together but sometimes it can be hideous. Here are some pretty pairs that always look great together.

Peach and Lavender:

Blush and Mint:

Navy and Hot Pink:

Grey and Yellow:

Tangerine and Mint:

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