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Anticipating Spring

5 Mar

So who is sick of Winter?! I certainly am! Seems about right though, once March rolls around and Spring is almost near I start to go a little crazy with anticipation for warmer days. In a desperate hope to hurry Spring along I put together a new welcome wreath for our front door. I started by looking for some inspiration via pinterest, because really if you need inspiration pinterest is the mecca for great ideas! A wreath by Too Much Time On My Hands caught my eye. It had all the flowers made from paper book pages, genius! Click Here to see the step by step instructions I followed.

Back when we first moved into our house last June I had constructed a wreath with our new house numbers on it. Click Here to see the old wreath and instructions on how I made our house numbers. I reused these numbers for my new wreath.

Here is my new wreath! I love it, I feel as if I am welcoming spring into my home, Go away snow!!! 🙂

wreath flowers wreath spring 2


Shabby Chic Window Frame

27 Aug

I had an epic find the other day at a local thrift store!  A four dollar window frame, oh yes, four dollars!! I mean, just on principle alone I had to buy it. I will be the first to admit it I am horrible taking the before picture of anything so you will just have to bare with me and my description. It was really dirty and faded white but I knew right away there was some serious potential in it.

First, I sanded it down and gave it a good wash. At this time I still really had no idea what I was going to do with the window frame but I knew something would come to me. I sanded it down then painted it a light blue/grey.

I finally decided that I was going to turn this old frame into a chalk board key hook.

Next, I sanded down the painted frame to give it a distressed look.

Then I applied chalk-board paint to the outer panes leaving the middle one clear.

Next step is to add the hooks.

Finally I hung this right as you walk into the kitchen from our garage, so it’s easy to hang your keys, write a grocery list, and what have you. I think it’s a pretty good deal for four dollars!

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