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DIY Geometric Paper Lanterns

16 Aug

Leave it to Oh Happy Day to come up with a fresh take on paper lanterns! I am totally going to have to try these out for my house warming. Check out the pictures below, and if you want the step by step instructions click here.

Go Team USA

6 Aug

If you are like me then every two years you become totally obssesed and drawn into the Olympics. I am virtually glued to the TV and can’t get enough. ¬†I try to watch all the events when I can. If they aired all the badminton I would probably watch that too! The Olympics are so inspiring I might actually start running on a regular basis. In the meantime here is some Red, White, and Blue inspiration for your Monday!

A Ms. Beatrix Potter Shower

26 Mar

It’s always a pleasure going to a fellow meeting planner’s party. All day at work we are so restricted with our ideas planning other people’s events that I love seeing what my friends do with no restrictions and putting their own creative touch on the event. This weekend I went to a co-worker turned friend’s baby shower. Our friend Amy hosted the Beatrix Potter themed baby bash. Amy had all her childhood Beatrix Potter books out, which made the decorations even more special. Take a look at all her cute decorations below!

There was a ton of good food, and the cute pompoms Amy made from a previous post, they turned out awesome!

I couldn’t get enough of the cute books, bunnies and birds!

Bird-cage’s: Not Just For The Birds

12 Mar

Ok I am coming clean! I may have a small obsession with bird-cage’s or feathers, or anything bird like. They mix two of my favorite things vintage and nature. With spring and easter right around the corner there are a million ideas out there incorporating bird-cage’s, and I love all of them! A few places to find some of these versatile bird homes are TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and there is a wide selection on Save on Crafts. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

Inspirational Photos: We heart it, Umla, the knot

Let It Glow

6 Mar

Let there be light! It’s going to be all about lighting here at Le Chic Elefant! To me it’s one of the most important elements to any party. There is nothing that sets the mood more than proper lighting. These DIY lanterns from Martha Stewart are a great and inexpensive way to create a romantic mood. I think I will use these for a summer BBQ.

Tools and Materials and instructions courteous of Martha Stewart
Strings of full-size Christmas lights with clear bulbs (remove every other bulb)
Light-colored paper bags about 7 inches wide (for each lantern, you’ll need two the same size)
A utility knife
A ruler
2-inch round self-stick labels
2-inch-wide single-face satin ribbon (one 48-inch length for each lantern)

Paper Lanterns How-To
1. Trim the tops of each bag to make straight edges. For the top of each lantern, stick a label on the inside bottom center of one bag to reinforce. Reaching inside the bag with a utility knife, cut two 1 1/2-inch slits, making an X on the label.

2. To attach bags to lights, first remove a bulb, and slide the socket through the X, and then screw the bulb back in.

3. For the lantern bottom, slide a second bag up over the first one.

4. Lay the center of the ribbon on top of the wire at the socket; wrap ribbon snugly down sides of bags. Knot at bottom and let ends hang.

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