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The Fall Boot

9 Oct

I have made a commitment for this fall, no more Uggs! Don’t get me wrong I love my Ugg’s but every year I end up wearing them day in and day out, it’s like a really bad fashion addiction. I must branch out, so I am on the hunt for my new fall boot. Here are a few that made my wish list.

A little sparkle never hurt anyone

11 Sep

What is it about women and sparkly objects. I am like a moth drawn to a flame whenever I see sparkly jewlery. I don’t have a birthday coming up (thank goodness I am not ready to get any older) and christmas is miles away so I really shouldn’t even be looking! I just can’t help myself, here is what I am being drawn to these days.

Hair S.O.S

15 Aug

Ok, it’s the middle of August it’s hot and humid and my hair is OUT of control. There is no helping it, I need some serious hair therapy. Yesterday it was 88% humidity and there is just no chance in having a good hair day. I have gathered some of my favorite hairstyle to use on a hot and humid day.

You’re Making Me Blush

19 Jun

I am trying to incorporate much more color into my life. I tend to gravitate towards black, grey, and blue. I seriously need to branch out. If you’re in a color slump, like me, check out the inspiration boards I have put together on a few colors that I really loving right now.

Blush: What is prettier than the color blush?  It’s just so girly and lovely. So, embrace your femininity and incorporate some blush into your life.

Inspiration: 1. Bare Face Mineral/ 2. Laughing with Angels/ 3. Riazzoli/ 4. Fossil 

Turquoise: I know, I know it’s basically blue, but I couldn’t resist the bright happy color of turquoise. It amps up a space, party, or outfit.

Inspiration: House of Turquoise

Coral: Coral is like the essence of summer. How can you not look at the brilliant shade and think of sandy beaches and summer tans?

Inspiration: 1. Breakfast at Yurmans/2. Radar to the Scene 3. Etsy 4. High Heels and Moccasins/ 5. J.Crew

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