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A Recycled Winter Mantel

12 Jan

There are so many great blogs out there with awesome DIY tutorials and tons of inspiration it can get a little overwhelming at times. I always surf my favorite blogs and finish being like “SO MANY GREAT IDEAS WHERE TO START!!!” I think sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and focus on something smaller. For instance (you knew my rant had to be going somewhere, right? :)) after taking down all the holiday decorations my mantel always looks so sad and pathetic. For some reason I have this aversion to just putting the previous mantel decor back up, I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I want something new and fresh for the New Year! Of course I can’t continue to keep buying things just because I get bored, so this year I decided to do a little hunting around the house to come up with something new/old for the mantel. If you don’t remember what my mantel looked like before all the fun holiday (and really why would you?) you can click here to check it out.

Here is the new look for the New Year:

mantelSorry for the poor quality photos my camera needs to be charged and I really wanted to share this! Everything except the large zinc K, I had in a different place in the house. This is a total mix match from old pieces that had a  home somewhere else. I think it came together nicely. Here is the breakdown of what’s what.

Lantern: Pottery Barn this was a wedding gift and I never really could find a good place for it.

Large Zinc K: Restoration Hardware (on clearance otherwise I would never be ok with buying it!)

Clock: Pottery Barn another wedding gift and it’s the only clock we have in the room so it’s nice to know what time it is!

Bookends: Old hand me downs from my parents I painted them white (they use to be gold). It’s amazing what a transformation old things can take with a little TLC.

Books: I am sure we all have a bunch of hardcover books that we never read laying around.

Twine bottles: These were a DIY project that you can find here.

Pitcher: This is a left over decoration from our wedding, inspiration can come from anywhere!

mantel 3

mantel 6

mantel 2

Need a little more mantel pick me up:


Monday Mantel Inspiration

26 Nov

I am back and in a big way! I could rattle off a list of excuses as to why I have not posted but I will spare you. I have really missed Le Chic Elefant! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday. I have taken down all the Thanksgiving decorations and swung right into the Christmas ones. I now realize I need some serious mantel inspiration. I had the cutest Thanksgiving mantel (which I never got to post about!) but my Christmas one is lacking. So I hopped over to my two favorite inspiration sites, Better Homes and Garden and Pinterest for some Monday-Mantel Inspiration.

Better Homes and Garden Inspiration


A Festive Mantel Makeover

26 Sep

While perusing pinterest I have taken notice of all the festive fall mantel ideas, and I felt mine needed a little fall sprucing up. It all started with a BHG tutorial, about how to make pumpkins out of books. First a disclaimer, no classic books were harmed in the making of this DIY. I used a Nora Roberts book that I purchased for a dollar and another book that I had a double of.

First take your book and remove the covers. Then draw a half circle on the page, or you can visit BHG website and they have a template you can use, but I just used freehand and it turned out fine. I would trace a page and then cut multiple pages at once.

Repeat this process untill all pages are cut.  Your book should end up looking like this:

I am beginning to see my pumpkin take shape! I then glued the first and last page together, along with every fifth page together.

Then I lightly spray-painted them Orange and added a stem.  Here they are on my mantel.

Now on to my scrabble letters. My lovely husband took a 4 foot long 1’x4′ and cut it into 3 1/2 by 3 1/2′ pieces. I then traced the wooden tiles with the letters I wanted and filled them in with a Sharpie paint marker.

And that was it, pretty simple! Here is my fall mantel makeover.

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