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Burlap Art

3 Jan

Who would have thought something that usually holds potatoes could be totally chic?! I have wholly been sucked into the burlap obsession trend.  I love how it adds texture and depth to whatever you use it for.  I have a large roll of burlap which I used to decorate our food table at our house-warming party. Recently I had been thinking about making some burlap art. I had some leftover fabric paint and alphabet stencils so I went to work!

I had two white frames lying around and felt they would be perfect for a burlap art project.

DSC_1112I started with washed and ironed burlap.  I figured the material was rustic enough but I should probably clean it up. I washed the burlap on gentle in cold water. Then I measured and cut an 8 x 10 section of the fabric.

DSC_1113I decided to stencil one of my favorite songs, “You are my sunshine”.

DSC_1125For the second frame I wanted to use the border.  So I used the border as a measuring tool and then stenciled our initials inside the frame.


Here they are completed. I like how they turned out, very shabby chic! This project has only intensified my love of burlap!



Gallery Wall

23 Jul

I have always loved the look of the picture-gallery walls in people’s homes. I knew for sure I would be doing this in our new den. Pottery Barn has a great mini how-to-video that you may want to check out. Here are a few pictures that inspired me, which are found on Pottery Barn’s website.

I love the mixture of the different colored pictures as well as the different texture from the frames. Here is how mine turned out.

Here are a few photos of it coming together. First I cut newspaper to the dimensions of all the frames I had and started arranging them on the wall. This is a safe way in ensuring you achieve the look you want without putting a bunch of nails in the wall and then having to remove them if you find the layout doesn’t work.

After  that was complete I just started hanging the photos.

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