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Apothecary Obsession

21 May

I am always on the hunt for an old apothecary table, I finally found a totally awesome one this weekend in Newport! Of course as luck would have it I drive a small car and had three other passengers.


It was a really hard to walk away from this unique piece! I know persistence is key and if I keep on searching I will find one that I can actually bring home and love forever! In the mean time I can admire other bloggers functional apothecary finds.

Until next time!


A Custom Cabinet

17 May

A friend of mine recently asked me if I could restore an old mirror and cabinet she had but wasn’t loving it anymore. I of course jumped at the idea! It was fun working with her to pick out the paint color and overall style for her furniture. She picked Annie Sloan Old White for both pieces which I think is a great first choice.

erins cabinet 4

I loved the shape of the cabinet I knew a little paint would spruce it right up! I painted over the hardware and then took a rag and instantly wiped the paint away leaving a weathered look.

erins cabinet 5

I loved the glass knob she already had, and left that as is.

erins cabinet

I painted the inside of the cabinet paris grey one of my favorite colors.

erins cabinet 2

Here is the before and after!
erins cabinet 3

New and fresh! I didn’t forget about the mirror, here is a before and after.

erin mirror


Etsy Shop

13 May

After going back and forth I finally decided to open up an Etsy shop. I am so excited about finally doing this, it’s a big step for me! I wish I could keep all of my furniture restoration projects, but I think if I bring home one more dresser without the intent of selling it my husband might lose it! 🙂 We are slowly becoming over run with furniture.

duk egg 3

I get so excited finding a cool piece at an estate sale or thrift store because I can see the potential. I usually am giddy with a find and can’t wait to get home to get started on painting it to see what it will become.  I have found it’s just as exciting when that piece finds a new home, and someone else can feel that same way. I am starting small and have listed a few things.

white dresserAt this time I am not planning on shipping, but if you ever find something you just have to have I can get a quote on shipping so send me an e-mail at lechicelefant@gmail.com. Click here to check out my new shop, and thank you all for your support! 
grey pedestal
Until next time!


A New Trick

29 Apr

The more I get into this furniture painting fad the more I realize there are some really handy tools and products out there that make things  little easier. I most recently discover the magic of wood filler. I am such a novice I didn’t even know it existed till recently and it’s a game changer! First it’s not that expensive and a little bit goes a long way! I most recently used it on a little pedestal table that had a few scratches on the surface and the wood detailing around the table’s edge had some holes in it.

french table 1

french table 3

I used Elmer’s wood filler, so far it has worked well it dries fast and sands really smooth. (I feel like I am in a commercial, I swear they did not tell me to say that! :))

elmersThen two coats of French Linen paint and the table looks brand new! It has already made its way to new home today!

french table 2


14 Mar

For those of you who have been following me since the beginning (basically those friends I bullied into following me :)) you have seen this blog transform a few times. Bare with me because I am now addicted to refinishing furniture. I love finding pieces that need a little love and then making them pretty again! Here is my latest transformation.

I found this coffee table and I thought it has great lines and tons of potential. It’s solid wood but had a few scratches, nothing a little sanding and painting can’t fix. Sorry for the basement iPhone shot, I really need to get better at taking the before pictures.

coffee table before

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in old white.

coffee 1

Of course I had to distress it a little!

coffee 3

I added the smallest amount of Annie Sloan dark wax to give the white some depth and age to it. It is an antique after all. coffee2 coffee5I just love this piece it’s so pretty! Sadly it will have to go since it doesn’t match any of our furniture!

Here are some other painting posts I love:

Take Two – Dining Chairs

21 Jan

When my husband and I first moved in together we recovered our dining room chairs. The dining set is an antique that was passed down from his grandparents who purchased it circa World War II. We bought the cheapest fabric on sale at Joanne fabrics.  So young, so naive we were back then. 🙂 Now that we have moved into our new house I was determined to recover these dining chairs with some fabric that is more fitting to our personal taste. This fall our dining room received a little makeover, if you missed it you can check it out here. I wanted a fabric to compliment what we had done in the rest of the room. I went to fabric.com and purchased a soft, grey, damask pattern. I felt the traditional damask print would seem fitting for the antique set as well as complimenting the blue in the room. We will also be building valances with this fabric so I wanted something classic that you would not get sick of looking at.

It’s actually really easy to cover dining chairs.  Here is how it’s done.

Items you will need: fabric, staple gun, staples, scissors and flat head screw driver.


I started by folding over the fabric on the widest part of the chair and stapling it in place. The trick is keeping the fabric tight so there are no wrinkles, bubbles by pulling it tight while also keeping the pattern straight on the side you will sit on. DSC_1161

Then it’s just re-attaching the seat to the chair.  The fasteners that held the seats to the chairs were old, regular screws.
DSC_1166 DSC_1167Here they are all covered.

DSC_1185 DSC_1168It’s amazing what a difference the new seats make! That dark blue we had made everything seem even darker.  This light pattern really brightens everything up.



Furniture Makeover

3 Oct

So, awhile back I went to our local Restore just to check things out and see what it’s all about. Low and behold I found something interesting, two matching dressers!

My apologies for the low quality photos they were quick shots from my phone. Anyway, both of these together cost $150 and they were in great condition. The gold and the dark brown had to go though. First things first was removing the hardware and stripping the wood.

We then used the strong primer Kilz to try and cover up the knots. After that had dried we used a grey based primer.  We had planned to distress these and I wanted a dark grey to show through. I loved the color and I was tempted to keep the dressers grey.

Next onto the last coat of paint.  I picked Linen White from Benjamin Moore for the final color.

Onto the distressing. Now, this is my first time redoing furniture so this part was really trial and error. I used 120-grain sand paper. I sanded mostly where the wood would weather naturally like on the corners and around the handles where fingers would wear away the paint. We then added the new hardware from Lowes. Here is how they turned out.

Patio SOS

19 May

Our patio set is in a sad state of affairs. We have had it for seven years and structurally it’s in good shape but the colors are just so faded, and hence ugly.  There’s also a huge hole in the umbrella compliments of a stow away mouse over the winter. Here is what it looks like now.

You can see my sad attempt to add color with my yellow pillow. You can’t tell in the picture but the color is akin to a green/grey/yuck! Here is an close-up shot.

I need some serious patio inspiration. If you are like me and want to get the patio set ready for Memorial Day weekend, take a look at some colorful patio sets. Not sure which one I will try to emulate. Stay tuned for my patio spruce up!

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