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For The Person With Everything

7 Dec

Well 18 days till Christmas, I can’t even believe it! Feels like we just had Halloween…oh wait because of Hurricane Sandy we just did have Halloween less than a month ago! I am actually on the ball this year and have most of my Christmas shopping done! I have that one last person to buy for, I am sure you have met them “the person with everything”.  I have done some serious gift research and complied a few gifts that I feel are unique enough that anyone could love!

For the pet lover: A personalized silhouette of your beloved animal, it’s really adorable!

For the globe-trotter: An all in one wallet, holds all your cards, passport and plane tickets. Take it from someone who did a lot of travelling, this is a must have.

For the outdoors pal: This plaid scarf is so warm and cozy, long enough to wrap around a few times on the really cold days.

For the foodie: Exotic salts from around the world a cool gift for someone looking to add a little pizzaz to their cooking.

For the do gooder: I love any product that gives back! What’s not to love about these plaid Toms?  Part of the proceeds go to saving the sharks.



For the hostess: A personalized cutting board, really steps up any regular cheese board.

For the fashionista: Polka dots are so in right now, and the cute collar adds a little charm to the whole outfit.

Halloween Wreath

23 Oct

As these decorations came attached to bendable wire it made it quite easy to stick them into the body of the wreath then bend and adjust them as needed. I added a giant black sparkle bow and, Voila, an easy Halloween wreath! I think after Halloween this year I will visit the clearance section in several stores and get a few more of these sparkle skulls and bats for next year’s wreath.

A Day For Mom’s

9 May

This year mother’s day is going to be a little bit different. My parents moved 839 miles away this past December, give or take a few miles (but who’s counting). If my mom could get away with eating breakfast for every meal of the day she would, so in years past we have done a big brunch. Unfortunately we won’t be able to do that so Mom this post is for you.  Here is your virtual Mothers Day!

I thought this was a really cute gift idea for a Mother or Grandmother.

Pottery Barn Worthy DIY Hurricane Vases

4 Mar

I had intended to write a post about Saint Patrick’s Day but I came across on two twenty one these awesome DIY hurricane vases and I felt they warranted a whole post of their own! I love anything that is thrifty, creative, and won’t take me long.  This DIY is only two steps!

Step One- Supplies: collect your vases and candle sticks. Thrift stores always have an abundance of candle stick holders that are usually about a dollar, while you are there you can search for the vases. Also Michael’s has a good selection of different size vases and usually always have a sunday coupon. You will also need super glue, try gorilla glue or E6000 or any thing that is going to dry clear.

Step Two: Glue the top of the candle stick to the bottom of the vase, balance a heavy book on top to apply some pressure and let set for about an hour.

Then that’s it.  Fill and enjoy!  Pottery Barn always has hurricane vases on their tablescapes and now you can have some of your own. These will be easy to fill for any holiday, the ones below are for St. Patty’s Day!

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