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Reflective Dirftwood

13 Aug

It’s all about the driftwood.  Who would have thought that water-beaten logs could be turned into decorations?  My sister-in-law had an idea of making a driftwood mirror and I thought, “Hey, I live along the water. I can get all the free driftwood I want!”  Our downstairs bathroom mirror was the perfect candidate as it was completely plain and terribly ugly. So I gathered the driftwood I collected and introduced it my mirror.  “Hello mirror!”

I laid out the driftwood to get an idea of how the pieces were going to fit.  It was kind of like a seaside puzzle. That’s our dog Dash’s paw in the photo. She was oggling the drftwood, as she really wanted to chew on a piece of it.

Since the mirror was hard to hang, as the mirror hangers would interfere with the driftwood placement, I hung it before gluing the drfitwood on. That, of course, made it a little more difficult to glue the wood on.  So I would glue a piece and then use painters tape to hold it in place.  It worked like a charm!

And here is the final result.  What do you think??

Shutters, Shutters!

27 Jul

We’re in full swing over here working on different house projects in between the unpacking. Our newest accomplishment is the new shutters we put on the house. The house came with brand new shutters but the previous owners never got around to putting them on the house. The only problem with the ones left is they were hunter green but, no offense to those that love green, it’s just not my color. I have always been partial to black shutters and yellow houses; classic New England. So we broke out the black  Rust-Oleum spray paint and started spraying.

Here is the before shot:

And After:

I love the difference the shutters make, the house seems so much more friendly :). The great thing about this home improvement project is changing the color of pairs of preexisting shutters can modernize and spruce up any house and all it costs is a few cans of spray paint.  That and the labor involved taking down and putting up the shutters!

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