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Motivation Monday

1 Oct

I am having one of those Monday’s where the weekend just really didn’t seem long enough. I am not ready for a full work week ahead. Ever have one of those days yourself? The weather was gloomy all weekend, I think it sucked out all my energy as well. When I have days like these I turn to trusty inspirational quotes. I don’t know what it is about motivational words but they perk me up and get me moving again. I have collected a few of my favorites, I hope they are up to the job. Enjoy your Monday everyone!

Inspiration found here

7 Jun

To become inspired!  Sounds easy, right? Lately I have been trying to figure out what inspires me and what draws out my creativity. It’s not as easy as it sounds! There is no formula that I can figure out, and maybe that is the point.  We aren’t supposed to be able to debunk creativity! It certainly helps by surrounding yourself with colorful things and colorful people. You know how sometimes you come across a photo and it moves and inspires you? Here are a few natural and man-made that are my current muses. I hope you are all having an inspirational day!

And of course my favorite animal ever!

One thing that is not helping my creativity is my boring office.  My friend over at The Spring Tulip has some great ideas in creating a colorful work environment.  You should check her out!

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