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DIY Geometric Paper Lanterns

16 Aug

Leave it to Oh Happy Day to come up with a fresh take on paper lanterns! I am totally going to have to try these out for my house warming. Check out the pictures below, and if you want the step by step instructions click here.

Fanciful Frills and Fringe

1 Feb

Valentines Day is on its way! I personally feel it’s a made up holiday but this year I was so inspired by these cute fringey streamers I found on Oh Happy Day, that I had to try them out for myself. They were so easy to make I now want to have a party just so I can show these off! In the spirit of Valentines Day I made mine in shades of pink.

Materials Needed:

Crepe paper sheets, not tissue paper (up until this post I did not realize there was a difference!) You can find these at most crafts stores, or online.

Step 1: Cut off about a 2″-3″ section of crepe paper, depending on how wide you would like the streamers.
Step 2: On one side of the roll of paper cut into the fringe evenly spaced. Leave some space in the center.
Step 3. Turn it over and cut fringe on the other side, still leaving space in the center.
Step 4: Scrunch up the fringe on each side, separate the layers and ruffle it with your fingers.
Step 5: Unroll and your ready to get the party started!

Here is a step by step photo instructions via Oh Happy Day.

What I love most about these frilly little things are they take boring streamers to chic fun party decorations! They are an inexpensive way to dress up any kind of party. Look how much color and fun they bring to a dessert table. Photo courtesy Luxe Finds.

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