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If I could do it all over again

2 Oct

When I got married it was before the days of Pinterest, shocking a life without Pinterest who could imagine. I have to admit I get a little wedding envy everytime I take a look at the wedding pins. Don’t get me wrong I loved my wedding, the day could not have been more perfect. Here are a few pictures from my day. I think every bride post wedding wants to do it all over again with new ideas. So if I could do it again this is what I would do!

Photo Booth: You can never have to many photos, and your guests will love taking goofy pictures.

Love the sign, it has great meaning behind it!

I love the one shoulder dress!

Pretty writing


1st Birthday Photo Booth

24 Jul

I found this adorable first birthday DIY photo booth on Oh Happy Day that I couldn’t resist sharing. It seems like photo booths are popping up at weddings all over, but why should we get all the fun?! It’s a great idea for little kids. The cuteness of this idea is almost too much to take!

You only need a few materials: 36 inch balloon, helium, yarn, basket, blue paper, scissors and tape. You can find excellent step by step instructions here.

I love the little details that are incorporated with this DIY, making it an oh so special DIY. 

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