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Bridal Shower Pretties

21 Jul

I am officially back! Boy have I missed Le Chic Elefant, it was harder not having internet for three weeks! Anyways, enough about that, I am back in action and I’ve put together a post for a cousin who is throwing her first bridal shower and wants it to be elegant yet stay within her budget at the same time.

Simple Centerpieces/Decorations: If you are trying to add some centerpieces or decorations for a bridal shower but you don’t want to go broke here are a few simple, yet stunning ideas.

I love these centerpieces!  They are simple and won’t cost you a ton for flowers but look elegant at the same time.

I adore this country chic arrangement!  You can collect the ball mason jars from thrift shops and then fill them with wildflowers.

Think outside the vase!  Not all centerpieces have to involve flowers.  Check out this lovely tea-cup centerpiece. This is a perfect DIY.  You can find antique teacups at any thrift store.

Plant ambiance: you can basically grow these yourself and give them away as favors. I love anything that is multifunctional.

A Personal Post- Looking Back

24 Apr

It was just a little over a year ago when my amazing friends and family threw me a wonderful bridal shower. The whole experience was new to me since I am always the one throwing the parties.  You have no idea how hard it was to let go! They were all very secretive about the whole affair and wanted to make sure everything was a surprise. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, and I wanted to share their great ideas with you.

The theme was a vintage tea party. The china that was used was passed down from my family and my husband’s family giving it a personal touch. The sterling silver teapots were my good friends grandmothers, which made it more special. I want to also take this moment to thank everyone involved, even though it was a year ago it seems like just yesterday and I still remember every perfect detail!

Bridal Brunch

28 Mar

I can’t wait for one of my friends to get engaged so I can throw them a bridal shower! Alas it does not seem any engagements are on the  horizon, but I can start to put together some good ideas so I will be ready when they do. I love the idea of a bridal brunch, it’s encompasses the best foods from breakfast and lunch, plus everyone can enjoy my favorite drink, Mimosas! Here are a few strawberry themed bridal brunch ideas via Luxfinds. A fresh idea is themeing the brunch around whatever fruit is in season, then everything will tastes it’s best.

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