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The Fall Boot

9 Oct

I have made a commitment for this fall, no more Uggs! Don’t get me wrong I love my Ugg’s but every year I end up wearing them day in and day out, it’s like a really bad fashion addiction. I must branch out, so I am on the hunt for my new fall boot. Here are a few that made my wish list.

Script Scarf – Fall Trend

29 Aug

If you can’t tell I am all about the DIY. The reasons why I love DIY projects are many.  One reason is that at the end of every project you really get something uniquely yours, something no one else has. A second reason is I also believe when you put a little work into something you appreciate it so much more in the end. As soon as I saw this creative DIY idea from Stamp48 I knew this was a must try and a must blog!

Materials needed: A plain scarf and fabric markers. Stamp 48 suggested using Tee Juice markers, that can be found on Amazon.

Stamp 48

Pick out a poem you want to write on your scarf. Lay out the scarf.  Make sure to place cardboard underneath, since the markers will bleed through. Do a few test letters and then simply write directly on the fabric. Remember to follow any instructions on the box of fabric markers.

Stamp 48

I will definitely be trying this one for myself. Since I already own about thirty-five scarfs (a sick addiction, I know) I will be giving one of them a mini make-over. Stay tuned for pictures!

Hair S.O.S

15 Aug

Ok, it’s the middle of August it’s hot and humid and my hair is OUT of control. There is no helping it, I need some serious hair therapy. Yesterday it was 88% humidity and there is just no chance in having a good hair day. I have gathered some of my favorite hairstyle to use on a hot and humid day.

You’re Making Me Blush

19 Jun

I am trying to incorporate much more color into my life. I tend to gravitate towards black, grey, and blue. I seriously need to branch out. If you’re in a color slump, like me, check out the inspiration boards I have put together on a few colors that I really loving right now.

Blush: What is prettier than the color blush?  It’s just so girly and lovely. So, embrace your femininity and incorporate some blush into your life.

Inspiration: 1. Bare Face Mineral/ 2. Laughing with Angels/ 3. Riazzoli/ 4. Fossil 

Turquoise: I know, I know it’s basically blue, but I couldn’t resist the bright happy color of turquoise. It amps up a space, party, or outfit.

Inspiration: House of Turquoise

Coral: Coral is like the essence of summer. How can you not look at the brilliant shade and think of sandy beaches and summer tans?

Inspiration: 1. Breakfast at Yurmans/2. Radar to the Scene 3. Etsy 4. High Heels and Moccasins/ 5. J.Crew

You’re Invited to Attend

13 Jun

Who doesn’t love being invited to a party?  The invitation is so important and there is a reason why.  It’s the first glimpse your giving to your guests about your party. It’s the sneak peek of the main event. You are setting the tone.  Will it be a formal affair?  Is it going to be casual? Will the theme be cowboys and indians, or purple and chartreuse?  So choose carefully on the message you really want to send. Who knew picking out the invitations was so complicated right?  I have posted a few invitations I love right now, with the links on where they are from so you can peruse for yourself.

I love this invitation from Wedding Paper Diva becuase it has a vintage quality about it.

This invitation from Delphine Press is the epitome of a classic elegant invitation.

If laid back and casual is more your cup of tea this love note style invite from Elum evokes relaxed party.

Elum also does any other party invitation as well as birth announcements. Here is a cute old-fashioned feeling Christmas-party invite.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of modern style but I have a few friends that love the bold colors and clean lines. Here is a simple modern invitation from Betsy White.

Here is one of my personal favorites from Minted.  It’s so whimsical. Another plus is that these invitations are extremely affordable!


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