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A Custom Cabinet

17 May

A friend of mine recently asked me if I could restore an old mirror and cabinet she had but wasn’t loving it anymore. I of course jumped at the idea! It was fun working with her to pick out the paint color and overall style for her furniture. She picked Annie Sloan Old White for both pieces which I think is a great first choice.

erins cabinet 4

I loved the shape of the cabinet I knew a little paint would spruce it right up! I painted over the hardware and then took a rag and instantly wiped the paint away leaving a weathered look.

erins cabinet 5

I loved the glass knob she already had, and left that as is.

erins cabinet

I painted the inside of the cabinet paris grey one of my favorite colors.

erins cabinet 2

Here is the before and after!
erins cabinet 3

New and fresh! I didn’t forget about the mirror, here is a before and after.

erin mirror


Terracotta Pots- Playful Makeover

10 May

I am loving this new trend of DIY chalkboard paint items for your home. I have a really weird obsession with chalkboards. This is nothing new, however, as when I was in 2nd grade my dad got my sister and I a used classroom size chalkboard and I’d never been more excited! All I wanted after that was perfect long pieces of chalk. I knew I would have to try a chalkboard paint DIY. Spring is here, so what is better than a grade school makeover on Terracotta Pots.

I decided to plant three of my favorite herbs. Below is the final product. I love this idea because I do not have a green thumb and as hard as I try my plants usually die, yet I keep trying. With the chalkboard pots I can just erase the herb and start over!

To recreate these yourself here is what you need to know:

Supplies- Terracotta pots, chalkboard paint, other exterior paint colors, thick cardstock paper, and sponge paint brushes.

1.Gather all your supplies, this is a two day DIY since you want to make sure the paint is really dry. 2. I drew a template that I wanted to use as a stencil for painting on the chalkboard paint. 3. Paint your first coat on the pots. I decided to do two cream and one a solid chalkboard. You will have to do several coats. 4. I decided the pots looked too plain so I painted a bright yellow to peek out from the inside of the pot and a light blue. 5. After the pots are dry, tape on the stencil then paint the chalkboard paint on the stencil. 6. The outcome is colorful pots with cute, little chalkboard signs.

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