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Burlap Art

3 Jan

Who would have thought something that usually holds potatoes could be totally chic?! I have wholly been sucked into the burlap obsession trend.  I love how it adds texture and depth to whatever you use it for.  I have a large roll of burlap which I used to decorate our food table at our house-warming party. Recently I had been thinking about making some burlap art. I had some leftover fabric paint and alphabet stencils so I went to work!

I had two white frames lying around and felt they would be perfect for a burlap art project.

DSC_1112I started with washed and ironed burlap.  I figured the material was rustic enough but I should probably clean it up. I washed the burlap on gentle in cold water. Then I measured and cut an 8 x 10 section of the fabric.

DSC_1113I decided to stencil one of my favorite songs, “You are my sunshine”.

DSC_1125For the second frame I wanted to use the border.  So I used the border as a measuring tool and then stenciled our initials inside the frame.


Here they are completed. I like how they turned out, very shabby chic! This project has only intensified my love of burlap!



A Mothers Day Gift

12 May

I am a meeting planner by day and a ruffle loving, DIYer, party planning blogger by night. I love finding unique ideas that make life’s little moments more special.



For Mothers Day this year I wanted to do something special for my mother in law. We always get her a hanging plant, for her deck. She has a green thumb, so I knew I wanted the gift to continue to be a plant. I decided to try making these shabby chic terracotta pots with my in laws house number on them. I thought they would look really cute on their front porch. It was defiantly a learning experience for me, there were a few moments where I thought this DIY might end horribly wrong. I will let you know what not to do so if you decide to recreate you won’t make the same mistakes I did. In the end it worked out really well. I planted lavender and an annual flowering plant, here is how they came out.

I started out with just the plain pots and some simple exterior white paint. I used a spray bottle of water and watered down the pots as I applied a thin coat of white paint to make it more of a white wash.

The first coat I felt like was just a little to thin, it was a little too shabby not enough chic.

I like how they turned out after the second coat of white wash. I lightly sanded them after this just to give them a little texture. A word of caution make sure you use the really fine sand paper, I first used thick sand paper and it scratched the pots. Next came the hard part, painting the numbers on. I tried free hand and it turned out horrible!!! I decided to take the easy route and use stencils.

I had a hard time finding the right letters for the No. So I bought wooden ones and traced on the pot and then painted it in. I then used the stencil for the numbers.

I am really happy with how they turned out, I think I might just have to do these for our house as well!

Dreamy Bridal Affair

23 Apr

I am sure most of you have noticed my recent obsession with anything vintage and shabby chic. The San Diego bridal vendor exhibition had all the elements I love about bridal decor, chic, girly with a flair of vintage. I love the rough exposed walls contrasting with the soft feminine touches. I found these pictures so inspiring, and I hope you do too! If you want to see more about the vendors that pu on this gorgeuous event, head over to Luxefinds!

Vintage Chic Candles

8 Mar

You know me and DIY thrifty, I can’t get enough of it! Using mason jars as candles was an idea I loved right away. Thrift stores and Good Will would be a good place to find the mason jars, add any color ribbon and voila you have yourself a shabby chic candle holder. Use them to illuminate walkways or arrange on tables. To prevent the wax from sticking fill about 1/8 of the jar with water at the bottom, before placing the votive inside. Since these are just glass the jars can get very hot. Here is a mason jar inspiration board that has some of my favorite ideas.

Inspiration Photos: Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Apartment Theraphy, Adelyn Stone, Better Home and Garden.


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